Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dating Kiss Tips

In dating or in any relationship a guy faces problem while he try to kiss a girl. The guy who is dating will not be sure whether the girl who he is dating is ready for a kiss or not. This brings him in a situation what to do or what not, which makes the mind to think in all possible ways. There is some type of hesitation in mind at the end of a date, when we are thinking of kissing. Lot of questions arises in our mind that what if she is not ready for a Kiss? Or what she thinks about me and how to start kissing her? So there are lot of tips to be keep in mind while you are going to kiss your date.

Kissing a girl during the date is very simple if you know what the girl likes in Kiss. Bring the romantic mood before you start kissing her. It is always best to have a private place where only you both are present. This makes the girl feel secure and private. Playing a soft music or candles in the private place add some spice in your kiss.

  • Girls love to have a long kiss if it is going to be her first kiss with you.
  • Girls don’t like bad breath while dating you or when you are kissing her. So be fresh.
  • Girls love to hear nice words during a Kiss. They will enter into the real mood of getting a kiss when they hear nice words
  • Girls like guys who experiment new ways while kissing. Before knowing how to kiss a girl you must know the various types of Kissing.
  • Maintain eye contact as you close in for the kiss. Try not to close your eyes until after making lip contact.
  • Press your lips gently against your dates. Try not to suck his or her breath away just yet.
  • Never push things on the girl you date. Always know her interest and then proceed. Watch her body language before you kiss her.

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Anonymous said...

Great info - thanks for sharing - every little tip helps us poor guys who really are clueless about these things.

Captain Obvious 22

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