Thursday, August 14, 2008

High Gas Prices Equals No More Starbucks for Me

It was no surprise to me when I read this morning that Starbucks is going to close more than 600 stores in the United States. I know that I have been less frivolous with my money. There are a number of things I’ve given up slowly as gas prices have increased. I no longer go for a ride when I feel stressed out, I eat out less and I no longer get my daily grande mocha latte from my local Starbucks.

Yes, they made plenty of money off of me in the past years. At more than $3 for a coffee that costs about a quarter to make, I figure Starbucks has made more than $600 on just me alone this year. Times this by the number of people in line every morning, and my local Starbucks has done well over the years.

Now, when we all have to take stock in what we are spending our money on, what does the company do? When we have to fill our gas tanks using grocery store incentives and change found under the couch cushions, does Starbucks understand? No, they leave, deserting us when we are down. Closing the door and keeping the coffee all locked up. The loyal followers are not being rewarded for our consuming of costly cups of coffee, but instead being scalded.

I don’t blame Starbucks for my woes. I can’t travel as much as I used to because of the higher costs of travel that have risen due to gas prices. I don’t have as much petty cash left at the end of the month because it costs almost $80 to fill my gas tank. Maybe being home more and enjoying the little things in life is what high gas prices are really trying to

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