Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things not to do in library

A library is a savored and hallowed institution within which certain unwritten laws and etiquette are expected to be observed by all those who enter.

Ten of the certain coolest habits or manners that are somewhat frowned upon in the library environment are listed in the following:

1. The beloved mobile phone:
The use of making and receiving phones calls. Loud, annoying ring tones as you (deliberately) fumble to answer the phone. Speaking in a loud voice whilst wandering around for the best reception, even standing on a chair.

2. Food.
The use of any food that involves noisy packaging, notably the crisp packet. If you experience difficulty opening the packet you can always ask others to assist, even the librarian.

3. The Chair.
Attention to rocking back and forth on your chair as you read. Those with the emphasis of banging the legs down loudly.

Going across the room to obtain a free chair and dragging it back along the floor to where you want to sit.

4. Queuing
Deliberately taking a list of twenty to thirty books to the desk for the librarian to help searching for, possibly causing a queue, then saying that you have changed your mind.

5. Where to sit
If the library is pretty empty, sitting next to the few occupied chairs. You may even feel the need to keep moving around next to other people.

6. The cough.
The never ending cough that breaks the eerie silence. Particularly annoying when sat next to someone concentrating, or when you repeatedly bang you hand on the table whilst trying to catch your breath.

7. Reading.
Reading a book out loud. Those people who read out loud whilst writing down information and allowing every other member to know.

8. Finding the right books.
Unsure which book you need. Then take several. Make a large pile of books on your table and build them like a mini-fort to hide behind. Perfect for those noisy crisps. Worse still if you then walk off and leave the huge pile on the table.

9. Reference.
Cannot be bothered to photocopy or write down certain material. Then take the page with you. removing the required page and inform that you need this or will finish reading the page later, before bringing it back.

10. For the very brave.
Standing behind someone who is quietly reading and asking in a very loud, polite voice if you can borrow the sex
manual after they have finished. Be careful who you pick though. Fighting is strictly prohibited.

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