Monday, August 25, 2008

3 FoolProof Flirting Tips For Men

Flirting is a socially acceptable and savvy way of saying “I am interested in you romantically or sexually” and creating that “spark” between you in a woman, to make sure you don’t end up “just a friend”.

Here are a few ways to set of that “spark” between you and a woman.

Flirting Tips for Men

Playful Teasing

Have you ever had a girl who clearly liked you slap your arm whilst laughing after you said something… that’s the sweet spot guys… Most women absolutely love being teased in a playful or sarcastic way, the key here is it must be humorous, not mean. This type of teasing builds up sexual tension and conveys your wit and confidence. Here’s an example…

Girl: Drops/Spills something
Guy: See, This is why we can’t have nice things.
Girl: *Laughs*

When delivered right she will know you’re joking, it’s kind of like animals instinctively knowing the difference between a fight and a play fight, of course practice makes perfect.

An even safer way to do this is mixing a positive comment with a negative one, for example…

Girl: Says something silly
Guy: I love your hair dark, but I could of sworn you were actually born a blonde.


Time for some more fun, start purposely misinterpreting as many things that she is doing as possible as an attempt to hitting on you or wanting you, for example…

(Guy and a girl are drinking together)
Guy: Are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?
Girl: No! (Laughs)
Guy: Sure, sure, I know you’re type, you know I’m not just a piece of meat, I have feelings to.. (Fake upset)

You’ll be amazed how quickly this can build sexual tension, it also has the added bonus that if she is at all attracted to you she will most likely at some stage imagine herself with you.

Physical Play

Breaking the touch barrier is extremely important, physical play is a great type of flirting because it’s both fun and gets her comfortable with your touch. The key here is to touch her in completely non threatening ways to begin with, a fun way is to challenge her to a thumb war, I’m going to assume you don’t weight 120lbs and you are capable of winning.

Still here? Ok good, Once you beat her you can say:

“Well now we can see you clearly suck at thumb wars, I don’t know if this is going to work out between us… Can you cook?”.

The main thing is have fun, be playful and keep a light heart about things. Few things are as attractive to a woman as a guy who knows how to have fun and create a fun vibe. Express you’re wit and creativity and also give her a chance to express hers, once you get good enough at this type of banter to always win these “play fights” you will be a flirting machine. Happy flirting!

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