Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coolest Ferrari in the world

The cars from the legendary Italian scuderia from Maranello have always inspired passion all over the world. Almost the same thing can be said about Lego, the small plastic bricks that were first introduced more than fifty years ago in Denmark, and have conquered the world ever since. So why not combine both of them? That’s what the Lego Ferrari collection is all about. I admit that these are not gadgets at all, but how can you resist to Ferraris made from Lego bricks?

The Lego Ferrari collection brings to the Lego world such classics as the Enzo Ferrari, the Ferrari F430 Spider, the F1 Racer, and even the Ferrari Fuel Stop, the Scuderia Ferrari Truck and the Ferrari Finish Line, where you can see Michael Schumacher taking home another trophy. Even though you won’t be able to race in those cars, they’re will bring hours of fun to your home, that’s for sure. They were created for 8 year old boys, but if you don’t have any kids to use as an excuse, I’m sure you would love to have one of those for yourself. And if you do have children, especially boys, they’ll be ecstatic about the Lego Ferraris and your house will turn into a F1 race track in no time at all.

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