Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kissing: The Do's & Don'ts

Dating tips for kissing, find out what you should be doing while kissing and the things to totally avoid regarding kissing...
  • Never force a kiss on someone.
  • Avoid smoking before a kiss.
  • Drink too much before a kiss (breathe will smell badly of alcohol)
  • Don't poke your tongue to the back of his/her throat
  • Don't have your mouth open too wide when kissing.
  • Do some work - Don't let your partner do all the work while kissing.
  • Don't be scared when your partner approaches you for the first kiss.
  • Avoid eating garlic etc before a kiss!
  • Don't drown your partner in saliva.
  • Don't mash against your partners face and lips while kissing.
  • Try not do have your first kiss in public.
  • Avoid talking about a first kiss with your partner because it can ruin the excitement.
  • Don't poke your tongue like a lizard
  • Guys - Don't have your hands all over her on the first kiss.
  • Don't rush a kiss especially a French kiss.

The Do's
  • Be gentle on your first kiss and all the others.
  • Brush your teeth before a date.
  • Use only a little tongue.
  • Carry fresh gum or mints with you on dates.
  • Make sure your teeth are clean and white.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Make the kiss slow and emotional
  • Make sure to swallow periodically to avoid too much saliva!
  • End the kiss by saying something like "That was really nice!"
  • Be soft - lip kisses should be slow, languorous, gentle.
  • Focus on the person you are kissing.
  • It is fine to kiss your date on the first date.
  • Smile after your kiss.
  • Use your hands gently and place them appropriately.
You can use these pointers to help you stand out from the rest when trying to find a relationship, or simply be the better kisser.

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Anonymous said...

don't forget to bite her lip too
and maybe her ear

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